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The young person known as "Peanut" was born a Warpie as a side effect of a Jasper's Warp created by Mad Jim Jaspers when he attempted to take control of Great Britain. The result of the Jasper's Warp was hundreds of Warpie babies being born all over the United Kingdom. These children were soon "rescued" by agents of the R.C.X. and taken to a facility to be raised.

It is unknown if Peanut was in the group of Warpies that were taken to Braddock Manor to be protected by Agent Peter, or if he was in the group that went to Muir Island or another group altogether. However, it is known that he was eventually assigned to the Cloud Nine facility where he was eventually assigned to the elite fighting group known as the Seraphim.

Later when Excalibur was investigating the disappearance of their associate, Dr. Alistair Stuart they encountered Peanut and the other members of the Seraphim, which led to the two groups fighting. Peanut demonstrated his power of preventing others from concentrating by using his inane chatter as his focus.

It is unknown if Peanut kept his powers or not when the other Warpies lost theirs on Otherworld.[citation needed]


Peanut is spiteful and a bully.

Powers and Abilities


Currently none, all of the Warpies were depowered by Captain Britain on Otherworld using the Sword of Might. [1]

Physical Strength

Due to his physical shape, Peanut had no ability to lift weight beyond that borne by his walking carriage.


Because he had no limbs, Peanut had no apparent fighting ability.



Spider like walking-carriage.


Peanut traveled around by means of an automated spider-like walking carriage.


Peanut so far has been depicted as nude.

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