Wave was an agent of the Triumph Division who went beyond her jurisdiction into the North Pacific as she got this feeling like there was something wrong with the water. Wave ended up in a confrontation with Shanghai operative Aero who also felt a disturbance with the wind.

Pearl Pangan (Earth-616) from War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas Vol 1 1 001

A whirlpool formed in front of them and Wave was intrigued by what had caused it. As she checked it out a plateau of fiery land rose from the ocean knocking Wave and Aero unconscious as Fire Demons of Muspelheim rose with the island pronouncing they had divided and conquered the two women.

Wave finally came around after being contacted by her people about Manila burning. She figured that they had been tricked by the demons who pronounced that their queen sensed Wave's elemental power and decided to lure her away from her homeland so she wouldn't be there to protect it. Just when Wave was going to get an answer about who they were, the demons were killed by the fire goddess Tūtū Pele.[1]



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