The so-called Pearl of Pyongyang was a female soldier in the Chinese army during the days of the Korean War. She was under the command of her father, who had an affectation for the days of the American Frontier. She often used her beauty to trick American soldiers into thinking that she was a South Korean guerilla fighter, before leading them into an ambush. During the course of the war, her father managed to steal the Colt .45 pistols used by American soldier Battle Brady. He then gifted the weapons to his daughter, unaware that Battle would stop at nothing to get the guns back as they were family heirlooms passed down to him by his grandfather.

One day while showering in a waterfall, the Pearl was found by Battle Brady and his companion Sgt. Socko Swenski. The Pearl used her usual line of being a South Korean gorilla and then pulled the guns on them. She then called to her father who ordered Brady to tie a Texan noose so that they could hand the two Americans. Instead, Brady made a lasso and roped up his opponents. However, as he was recovering his guns, the Pearl managed to break free and grab one of them. Then, before Brady could stop her, she then dove off a cliff into a river below managing to escape. Battle and Socko then took her father prisoner.[1]

The Pearl of Pyongyang would eventually return to rescue her father, capturing Battle Brady and Socko Swenski in the process. She and her soldiers then planned to send down explosives on the sleeping camp with artillery cannons that were en route. However heavy snow fall prevented their arrival. Battle and Socko then used a log to sled back down to base and warn the troops leading to the Pearl's capture and Battle recovered his weapons.[2]

The Pearl of Pyongyang has not been seen since, her subsequent fate is unknown.

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