Peddler's true identity revealed

The man known as the Peddler of Doom was a member of a gang of criminals who operated a robbery racket in the summer of 1944. His colleagues prepared specially drugged flowers, which the Peddler -- disguised as a flower woman -- then went out into public seeking wealthy individuals to attempt to sell the flowers.

While picking up a load of drugged flowers from the flower shop that was a front for their operation, he was observed by Madeline Joyce (secretly Miss America) who found it strange that a woman would purchase flowers from a flower shop and sell them on the street for half the cost. Following the Peddler, Madeline noticed how the flower woman was singling out a man who just finished withdrawing a large sum of money from the bank. So, Madeline decided to follow the man. When the drugs started to kick in, the driver passed out, he was to be robbed by the Peddler's colleagues. However, Miss America stopped them and turned them over to the authorities.

Doubling back to the flower shop, Miss America forced the owner to bring her to the basement where the operation was carried out. She revealed that the Peddler was a really a man and rounded the gang up for the authorities.

Miss America figured that the Peddler and his men would face the electric chair,[1] however their fate is unknown.



The Peddler used roses that were laced with a drug that causes unconsciousness when inhaled.

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