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Quote1 She's my daughter, of course I want to protect her. But even more than that -- I just worry I'll never really be able to understand like her father can -- Quote2
Peggy Rae[src]


Peggy Rae is the ex-wife of Scott Lang, and together they had a daughter, Cassie. When Cassie became sick, Scott stole the Ant-Man's Suit to help save his daughter's life.[3][4]

Peggy remarried and, alongside her new husband, Blake Burdick, she continued to harbor a growing resentment towards superhuman heroes, often worrying for Cassie's safety. Peggy was able to obtain a court ruling limiting Scott's time with Cassie to supervised visits.[3]

When Cassie was brought back to life, Peggy forcefully moved with her to Miami. Scott then ditched his new job at Stark Industries in favor of spending more time with his daughter, against her mother's will, and without her knowledge.[2]

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