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Origin and Early Years

According to the myth, Pele is the daughter of Kāne, leader of the Kahunas or Polynesian Gods, and Haumea, which lived once on Earth, until they were forced to march to his celestial kingdom of Hawaiki by the Celestial ones. Pele and her older sister Namaka were born mortal and competed for the right to become goddesses, slowly accumulating the levels of mana needed to acheive superhuman feats. This caused much resentment between the two siblings, which intensified when Pele seduced Namaka's lover, Aukelenuiaiku.[4]

She later became the lover of Kanapua'a, the spirit of rain in Hawaii, and a "chauvinist pig."[3] The ferocious fight that was fought between the two sisters caused the creation of the islands of Hawaii as Pele's mastery of molten lava clashed with Namaka's control of the cooling waters.[2][4] In the course of the battle, Pele was killed by her sister, but Kāne revived her and turned her into a goddess. Furious, Namaka sent a series of spells that tied the mortal heart of her sister to the island of Kilauea, so that Pele could not leave.[2][4]

Modern Day

While the Punisher was in Hawaii investigating Jerry Lewis Lee, an old woman out walking her dog named Mama Lihune warned the Punisher of a bomb Lee hid in a volcano that would cause the volcano to erupt to force out the residents of Kona Estates housing program so Lee could raise the prices of his own property. The old woman called the Punisher "Kanapua'a". Later, as Punisher chased after Lee, Lee was unexpectedly killed by his own bomb when it exploded beneath him. Mama Lihune guessed that Pele had moved Lee's bomb. It is implied that Mama Lihune is Pele in diguise.[3]

In recent times, Pele, disguised as the mutant Risque, attracted X-Force to the island, for the mutant heroes to help her recover her mortal heart. Namaka nevertheless, wishing to prevent her sister from freeing herself, sent the Lava Men to fight against the mutants, who prevailed and recovered the heart of Pele, allowing the goddess to march to her father's celestial kingdom.[2]

During the Chaos War, when the Chaos King destroyed most of the divine realms of each pantheon, Pele, with her mother Gaea summoned the remaining gods to Mt. Halemaumau for the last moments of farewell. There, Gaea revealed to Hercules that she was the true font of creation, the first being to form out of chaos and that she was the true power source of what the gods can do. Pele helped Gaea teach Hercules how to to become the God of Gods. Despite her weakened state, Gaea still managed to teach Hercules how to use the nigh-omnipotent powers within him and imbued him with her own powers.[5]

During the War of the Realms Jimmy Woo created a synthezoid to mimic Pele and fight against Sindr, the ruler of Muspelheim.[6]



Akua Physiology: Pele possesses the various superhuman abilities common to the Hawaiian Gods like super strength, superhuman durability and immortality.

  • Shapeshifting: Pele possesses vast shapeshifting abilities, the full extent of which aren't known. She has been known to appear as both a beautiful young woman as well as an extremely elderly woman. She can also take the shape of inanimate objects or even as a fire spirit. At will, Pele can also grow in size, up to heights of at least 20 feet.[citation needed]
  • Pyrokinesis: By accumulating high levels of infernal mana, Pele can control fire and magma, and project intense heat.[4]

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