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Peliali was the volcano goddess of the Kamekeri, a tribe of people that lived in Costa Verde.[2]

When the Christian missionaries came and introduced the modern ways to the Kamekeri, her people quit worshiping her. While the other gods left Earth, Peliali remained,[2] vowing to stay with her people.[4]

She lived in the hills and the mountains, and was forgotten from the Kamekeri.[2]

Jaime Santiago visited the mountains many times, finally coming down from the mountaintop with an infant girl whom he claimed was his and Peliali's, who was named Maria de Guadalupe Santiago. Santiago tried to present her to Peliali, but on each attempt, Peliali didn't appeared,[2] as she felt she had not her place anymore in that world.[5]

Peliali battled the followers of Kulan Gath who captured and placed in the center of the village (turned into an Hyborean city) so Gath could sacrifice her to gain her goddess-energies to power himself up to godhood.[3] As Gath opened up the dimensional portal to the gods, Peliali's daughter Silverclaw rallied the Kamekeri's belief in Peliali, giving her the strength to break Gath's restraints. With no sacrifice for the gods, Gath was taken in Peliali's place. Nonetheless, Peliali suffered mortal wounds. Happy to see what her daughter, Silverclaw, had become, and leaving her to eventually assumed the role of protector of the Kamekeri, Peliali died in peace.[5]



Peliali presumably had the conventional attributes of an Inca goddess, including:

  • Superhuman strength[3]
  • Superhuman durability[3]
  • Immunity to aging[3][6]

Being a volcano goddess, Peliali could project intense heat and flame, sufficient enough to reduce a human being to ash.[5]

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