Pennsu was a Goddess to an unknown people, along with Tae. Together, they ruled with cruelty, expecting massive signs of faith, and rewarding them with indifference and cataclysms.[1]

Desak, Destroyer of Gods, on his gods-killing crusade, came to them but was stopped by Thor, Hercules and Beta Ray Bill.[1]

Watching the fight, the cruel Tae and Pennsu decided to bring death upon them and their worshippers, intending to find new ones. Desak, Thor, Hercules and Beta Ray Bill then realigned against them, Pennsu finding and besting Beta Ray Bill.[1]

While Thor managed to save the mortals, Desak assassinated Tae and Pennsu. They were replaced in their worshippers' faith by Thor, to Desak's displeasure (but who accepted from Thor the fact he didn't looked for their faith).[1]


Tae and Pennsu were able to project immense pink energy blasts by bonding together, and were allegedly able to cause rain to fall, to the extend of causing flood.[1]

It unknown if Pennsu was able to blast energy on her own like Tae.

Pennsu also proved able to best Beta Ray Bill in combat.[1]

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