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20th Century

In 1941, a mine located in Pennsylvania was targeted by Nazi spies. They sought to disrupt American production by causing unrest among the unionized works and acts of sabotage on the mine. This plot was thwarted by the Sub-Mariner.[1]

During 1943, Pocono County was terrorized by the serial killer known as the Headless Monster, who sought revenge against those who mocked his deformed appearance. The Headless Monster was eventually put to justice by Captain America and Bucky.[2] 1945 saw murder in the town of Taunton at the Chrysotile Mines. The murder was solved thanks in part to the involvement of the Human Torch and Toro.[3] An unspecified Pennsylvanian town was terrorized by the Satyr, until he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[4]

In 1951, Communist agents set fire to an underground mine located in Pennsylvania. The fire threatened to cause a massive explosion that could have threatened to split the country in half. The Uranian super-hero Marvel Boy came to the town and used his light bands to control the flames, preventing the massive explosion from happening and captured the spies.[5]

Modern Age

One night, on a lonely Pennsylvania road, Doctor Octopus met with Mysterio, as he was preparing to steal a casino cash shipment from Atlantic City to Philadelphia. Dr. Octopus recruited him into the new Sinister Six by pointing out the police were on their way.[6]

The Liberteens were formed as part of the 50-State Initiative as the Pennsylvanian team. They were based on the World War II team the Liberty Legion. Each member as a similar motif and power to a member of that team. Their first mission was to take down a group calling themselves Ultimatum, led by the new Flag-Smasher, which was apparently funded by Hydra and whose aim was to destroy Liberty Bell as a symbolic gesture. The Liberteens managed to defeat Ultimatum with little trouble with Ms. America taking down the Flag-Smasher by herself.

Alternate realities


In this reality, S.H.I.E.L.D. had a special containment facility in Reading.[7]


In this reality, Senator Stern served as a representative of Pennsylvania.[8]

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