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The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, located in Arlington County, Virginia.

It was the site of Iron Man's meeting with top level military officials to discuss the Mandarin.[1]

Tony Stark met with Defense Department officials to demonstrate his prototype Anti-Gravity Device.[2]

Tony Stark was called to a meeting with senior military officials to discuss the performance of his new Observer Missiles being used in Vietnam.[3]

Tony Stark briefed the Defense Department on Iron Man's recovery of the Observer Missiles from the Mandarin.[4]

Count Nefaria sent three-dimensional images of the Avengers to a high-level Pentagon meeting, to publicly proclaim that the Avengers were going to seize control of the United States. After the negative answer from the Capitol Building, the military ordered a pre-emptive strike against the Avengers, putting operation seek and destroy into effect.[5]

When the Silver Surfer attacked New York City, the Pentagon ordered Lt. Gen. Fredricks to shot the experimental missile "Sonic Shark" against the Surfer. The missile absorbed the Surfer's cosmic energy, which would have killed him except because the Fantastic Four diverted the missile. The grateful Surfer stopped his rampage.[6]

Many years later, Raven Darkhölme infiltrated the Pentagon and gathered the mutants Destiny, Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche into a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the purpose of assassinating Senator Kelly. When checking with Destiny's precognitive powers, Destiny informed her that some unknown factor made the future hard for her to read. Despite this, and despite in fighting between Blob, Pyro and Avalanche, they moved on to enact their plans.[7]

Some time later, Forge met with Doctor Valerie Cooper in the Pentagon to replace her as the X-Factor's new government liaison.[8]

Alternate Universes[]

Mutant Extinction (Earth-94831)[]

Pentagon (Earth-94831) from Exiles Vol 1 39 0001
On Earth-94831, the Pentagon served as the tactical hub and main power supply for the United States' Sentinel army. It was run by Colonel Ross until it was completely destroyed by Hyperion.[citation needed]


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