Pentigaar is an icy demon summoned from the Cask of Ancient Winters by Malekith to kill Thor. After arriving on Earth, he encountered Balder, who was on his way to deliver a healing potion to Hogun, and Beta Ray Bill, who had been captured by Galactic Patrol and sent to Earth as part of the Maximum Security decree by the Kree. Pentigaar was unprepared to battle them both and was defeated and returned to the Cask.[1] He was later released again by Malekith, proclaiming to be unkillable. In order to permanently stop him, Thor then stole The Gem of Infinite Suns and used it to burn him to death, this time permanently ending his threat.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength: Pentigaar is strong enough to overpower Balder with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability


A cut from Pentigaar's axe is enough to turn even an Asgardians blood cold. Balder commented that it felt like his insides had been turned into ice.


  • Vulnerability to Extreme Heat: Despite his great durability Pentigaar found himself helpless against the heat of the Gem of Infinite Suns.


Pentigaar uses an axe composed entirely of ice.

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