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Alpha Red

The People's Protectorate were a team of Russian Super-Heroes. They came to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to capture Maverick who had come to the school to warn the X-Men about the Upstarts coming after them. The Upstarts members Andrea and Andreas von Strucker hired Maverick to find out where an old Russian super soldier experiment was, after they got the information they needed, they sold Maverick out to the Russians telling them he had stolen information from their government, that was what led to the People's Protectorate coming after him, after a heated exchange with the X-Men they retreated when Maverick promised he would meet them in 24 hours and give them the information they wanted, warning them that it involved the previous model of their commander.[1]

During that night Maverick went to an abandoned warehouse where Alpha Red coffin was, Wolverine followed him there because he was still not sure Maverick was telling the whole story, Maverick tells him he was right and then explains that when he was looking for information on Alpha Red for the von Struckers who he didn't know were his clients, he found out some information about a book called the Darkhold that apparently held the key on how to defeat Alpha Red, when he found out who he was working for he decided to steal that information for himself, to fix the eventual damage he could have caused by telling them where Alpha Red was, they got interrupted by an injured Omega Red that was escaping from Alpha Red who had already turned the rest of the team into vampires and was controlling them all, Alpha Red apparently kills or badly injures Omega Red and bites Maverick, Rogue and Gambit show up and with their help, Wolverine and Maverick are able to escape Alpha Red and the Alpha Red controlled People's Protectorate.[2]

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