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The people calling themselves The People are born from the SEAR government project to created new weapons in the meta-human arms race (additionally to stop the mutant contagion). Brainwashing thousands of people and inject to them the Serum.

From those, two brothers, Xorn and Zorn, gathered their fellow and put an end to the SEAR government and established the cities of Tian (or Tu'an).

As part of their transformation, the People seems to have some issue anger. Xorn founded the city of the Celestials, for those who wanted to tempered and control this agressivity, and Zorn founded the one of the Eternals, for those who wanted to feed this anger. A third kind of people, called "Deviants" existed for them : the "normal humans", even if he considered a gamma mutate as "a perfect example of human" (metaphorically and literally).

Few followed Xorn, and majority came to Zorn' side, about an hundred thousands. They were later twice more, using the Source.[1] At the point Nick Fury suggest to look for allies against Reed Richards, the population of the People was about 217 700 meta-humans, including the mutants who joined them.[2]

When S.H.I.E.L.D. came back looking for help from them against the Children of Tomorrow, Oracle averted the Children from stop their activities of threats. City answered, killing the Oracle, and leading to war between them and the Eternals.

The Eternals fought a Children contingent send to destroy Tu'an, and the short battle ended in the Eternals being decimated and Zorn using his black hole power to integrally destroy the Children.

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