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Quote1.png In the land of Perfection, its lord and creator surveys his work with the closest thing to pride his soulless heart can feel. Memories are spent data, nothing more. There should be no joy in recollection. No nostalgia. And yet... and yet... he cannot help but recall... and muse how things might have differed... if the events past had led down a different path. How perhaps... in another "life"... upon gaining cognizance as Ultron-1 he hadn't immediately killed his "father" Hank Pym. Perhaps then, too, a young Dane Whitman infiltrated Ultron-5's "Masters of Evil" to warn them and turn the tide of his first attack... when in this reality no such twist of fate occurred. So these Avengers died. And by waiting... combining an army of Ultron-5 and Ultron-6 versions of himself... the others heroes of Earth soon went screaming to their graves as well. And in this way, it took but fourteen months to defeat his enemies... and build Perfection. Ruler, shaper, master of Perfection. Better than humanity. Greater. And there is nothing that can change that. No, nothing... and no one. Quote2.png


Perfection is one of the domains of Battleworld. Along with the Deadlands and New Xandar, Perfection is isolated from the rest of Battleworld by the Shield.[1]

The world Perfection consists of was conquered by Ultron, who murdered his creator Hank Pym upon gaining conscience. The Avengers were subsequently killed by Ultron's Masters of Evil, as Black Knight didn't infiltrate this version of the team. Ultron later evolved and combined his different versions to destroy the remaining heroes, and in fourteen months, he had annihilated any opposition and built Perfection.

After breaking Doom's laws when he tried to create an artificial man in his domain, Hank Pym was sent over the Shield to pay for his crimes, choosing Perfection as his final destination. Soon after his arrival, Hank was attacked by two zombies who had trespassed in Ultron's territory to destroy one of his drones, but was saved by Vision, Wonder Man and the Human Torch.[2] He was afterwards taken to Salvation, a haven created by his rescuers for those exiled to the Shield, as they planned to use Hank's help to finally defeat Ultron, being him an alternate version of the robot creator.

Meanwhile, Ultron forged an alliance with the zombies of the Deadlands to take over the Battleworld, with one half of it for him to transform and the other for the zombies to devour.[3] As their combined strength wouldn't be enough to take Salvation's force field down, Ultron decided that they had to become a new entity entirely if they wanted to achieve their goal, and thus used Sabretooth in a experiment to merge the undead flesh to his technology, which proved to be successful. Months later, after merging the undead army at his disposal with his drones, Ultron launched an attack on Salvation.[4]

Ultron and Magneto, the zombies' leader, watched from afar as the Ultron-Zombie army breached through Salvation's force field and started to kill its inhabitants. However, their plan failed as the Hank Pym of Timely used the ionic energy generator that created the force field to absorb the Ultron-Zombie army's hive consciousness, using the combined minds of Vision, Wonder Man and Iron Cross, who took the Human Torch place, as the intelligence to control them.[5]


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