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The Dark Gods are as the evil opposites to the Asgardians. Perrikus is the god of power unlimited and energy infinite.[1]

He was first discovered when Odin sent a scout named Lonkarr, a long time ago, to explore the universe. Lonkarr happened upon Narcisson, the city of the Dark Gods. He battled and killed Perrikus' wife, Tserron, and was allowed to escape so Perrikus would have means to follow him. The Dark Gods then warred and eventually defeated the Asgardians. Odin refused to be a consort to Majeston Zelia, and was about to be killed by Perrikus, until a child Thor urged Odin on and threw him a broken spear. Odin then banished the Dark Gods to a remote corner of the universe. Thor and all other Asgardians had his memories of this event blocked by Odin, due to the trauma caused by the events, and Perrikus remained in a special cell known only to Odin for many, many years.[2]

Perrikus was inadvertently freed, and his Dark Gods overtook Asgard. They had a brief reign, but during that time managed to break Mjolnir.[3]

He escaped from Desak, the destroyer of Gods, with Adva. They were employed by Zarrko. They attempted to invade Asgard as a warning from Zarrko. During the battle, Thor used The Bloodaxe to cleave off Perrikus' arm and they were both captured.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Vast superhuman strength, which at its peak can beat Thor back into his human alter ego.
  • Superhuman Durability: Durability at such heights that he is able to take an anti-force blast from the Mjolnir unharmed.
  • Energy Projection: Ability to shoot energy blasts.


  • Missing Arm



A scythe strong enough to cleave Mjolnir, Thor's mystic hammer, in half, which also has the ability to shoot some form of darts which can weaken those it pierces.


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