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A massive, battle-hungry man, Perro was the muscle of the Children of the Vault and was always searching for a fight. He was sent, alongside teammate Serafina, to gather Northstar and Aurora, and set them up to ambush the X-Men at their mansion; however, when things went the wrong way for the Children, Perro was ordered to return to Sangre, while Serafina went into the mansion herself. After Serafina revealed herself to the X-Men, Perro was most displeased, and showed his disdain for the act; however, Sangre thought otherwise, and plotted to launch a full attack on the heroes. After the final attack by the Children, Perro survived with new leader Cadena, who planned to attack again when the X-Men least expected it.[2]

Perro and the other Children of the Vault moved into the Vault in Ecuador, whose temporal nature was always changing. The X-Men learned of the Vault's existence and sent Wolverine, Synch, and Darwin to capture Serafina. Unfortunately, as soon as the three entered the Vault, they lost touch with the X-Men.[1] The Children of the Vault fought the trio with Synch seemingly killing Perro using the pyrokinetic powers of Fuego.[3]

Perro was later resurrected by the City, the artificial intelligence that ran the Vault, through cloning and enhanced as a third-generation of the Children.[4]


Despite being the typical "brick" of the team, Perro was quite intelligent and articulated himself very well.[citation needed]

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Perro can affect gravity to an unknown degree.[citation needed]


  • Perro is Spanish for "dog."

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