A massive, battle-hungry man, Perro is the muscle of the Children of the Vault and is always searching for a fight. He was sent, alongside teammate Serafina, to gather Northstar and Aurora, and set them up to ambush the X-Men at their mansion. However, when things went the wrong way for the Children, Perro was ordered to return to Sangre, while Serafina went into the mansion herself. After Serafina revealed herself to the X-Men, Perro was most displeased, and showed his disdain for the act. However, Sangre thought otherwise, and plotted to launch a full attack on the heroes. Despite being the typical "brick" of the team, Perro is quite intelligent and articulates himself very well. After the final attack by the Children, he survived with new leader Cadena, who planned to attack again when the X-Men least expected it.[1]


Perro can affect gravity to an unknown degree.

  • Perro is Spanish for "dog"

Recommended Readings

  • X-Men (vol 2) #188-190

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