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Persephone is the mysterious mutant leader of Soteira.[1] Through Soteira, she began amassing powers and influence behind the scenes.[2] She had Soteira steal the body of Wolverine, resurrecting him only to commit atrocities for unknown reasons.[3]

When the search for Wolverine—organized by the X-Men—led the search groups to learn and interfere with Soteira's operations,[4] Persephone sent the X-Men a message. After distracting them with projectiles from space, she displayed the dead bodies of ten latent mutants she found in Mister Sinister's DNA database and warned the X-Men that more deaths would come unless they left her operations in peace.[2]

She eventually revealed everything to Wolverine about his resurrection and her master plan. She asked if he wanted to take part in recreating the world, and James declined. He had turned the minds of the many through means, and the other satellites turned off. He attempted to shut down the main satellite on the lower deck, but Persephone attempted to dissuade him. She threatened to haunt him for the rest of his days. He blew the satellite up, and it crashed down. Wolverine was the only survivor apparent, everyone else died including Persephone.[5]



Necromancy: Persephone can revive the dead in either a fully-revived form or in zombie form.[1]

  • Mind-Control: Persephone can mentally control and direct the activities of those she reanimates.[1]


  • Persephone was designed by Mike Hawthorne. Writer Charles Soule asked him for "a look inspired by 70s sci-fi, very fashionable, all confidence and sweeping grace."[6]

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