Persephone is the mysterious mutant leader of Soteira.[1] Through Soteira, she began amassing powers and influence from behind the scenes.[2] She also had Soteira steal the body of Wolverine and somehow resurrected him to commit atrocities for unknown reasons.[3]

When the search for Wolverine organized by the X-Men led the search groups to learn and interfere with Soteira's operations,[4] Persephone decided to send the X-Men a message. After distracting them with projectiles from space, she displayed the dead bodies of ten latent mutants she found in Mister Sinister's DNA database and warned the X-Men that there would even more deaths unless that they left her operations alone.[2]


  • Necromancy: Persephone can revive the dead in either a fully-revived form or in zombie form.[1]
  • Mind-Control: Persephone can mentally control and direct the activities of those she reanimates.[1]

  • Persephone was designed by Mike Hawthorne. Writer Charles Soule asked him for "a look inspired by 70s sci-fi, very fashionable, all confidence and sweeping grace."[5]

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