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Perseus was the son of Zeus and of Danaë of Argos, a mortal princess.[2]

Slaying Medusa

He became a hero[3] He was sent to kill the Gorgon Medusa using his shield's reflective surface, Perseus beheaded Medusa and subsequently used her head as a weapon.[4][5] The Shield of Perseus was then imbued with Medusa's power, turning those who look in its eyes to stone. Currently wielded by Hercules as part of his post-invulnerability armament.[6]


Perseus saved the Lady Andromeda from a "mammoth sea-born serpent".[3]

James Allison stated that the tale of Perseus saving Andromeda from the sea-born serpent, and many other similar accounts, were mythical tales originated as a pale racial memory of the battle of one of his previous incarnations, Niord, with the "worm" of the Country of the Worm.[3]

He later founded the city of Mycenae.

Following his death, he was revived as a demigod[2] and went on to live on Olympus.[7]

Modern Age

Perseus was among the heroes to oppose Amatsu-Mikaboshi's attacks on Olympus.[7]

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