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The PACRAT was a high-speed aircraft formerly owned by Cable and his X-Force.[6]


The Personnel Assault Carrier for Recon/Aquatic/Terrain commonly known as the PACRAT was a high-speed aircraft used as the primary mode of transportation for Cable and his X-Force.[6]

The PACRAT was badly damaged when it crashed into the X-Mansion.[7] Luckily, the ship was recovered from beneath the rubble.[2] The ship badly damaged soon after when Warpath crashed through the haul of the craft.[8] The ship was eventually fully restored.[9][10][11]


The PACRAT has several capabilities including:

  • Speed: The PACRAT could reach nearly five g-force speeds.[9]
  • Cloaking: The PACRAT was capable of cloaking from even the most sophisticated radars.[9]

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