Quote1 I'm working with th' cops on this case ... I'm an undercover man! Quote2
-- Pete Johnson src

Pete Johnson was an undercover police officer from the New York area, who became an ally of the android Human Torch before America's involvement in World War II.

At his first encounter with the Human Torch, Johnson was posing as a former racing racketeer spilling information about Blackie Ross, a crooked race car driver who used a plane and incendiary bullets to set his opponents's cars ablaze. When the Torch was initially blamed for the accidents and incarcerated next to Johnson, Johnson tipped the Torch off to Blackie's involvement in the crashes. When the Torch attempted to track down Blackie, Johnson arrived (revealing his true identity to the Torch) and helped to capture Blackie Ross for his crimes. His aid in this case made him the Human Torch's first ally and friend.[1]

Soon after, Johnson called the Human Torch to New York City, which was being terrorized by Dr. Manyac and his minions the "Green Flames" who were using super cold green flame to destroy buildings and threaten the city with a ransom. With the aid of undercover police officer called Maizie, he assisted the Torch in apprehending Dr. Manyac. During this adventure, Johnson suggested the Torch to select an alias, prompting the Torch to take up the name "Jim Hammond", a name he uses to this day.[2]

Later, Johnson accompanied the Human Torch in delivering much needed medical supplies to the island of Orton. When their plane crashed, the supplies were robbed by two crooks named Hank and Blake. Johnson helped the Torch on his chase of the two crooks until the medical supplies were recovered.[3]

In his last recorded appearance, Johnson aided the Human Torch when he sought to become a New York City police officer. With Johnson's aid, the Torch passed his training and got the job.[4]

When Pete Johnson recommended the Torch using an alias on one adventure, it prompted the Torch to select the name "Jim Hammond", a name he continues to use.

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