Coming across a wanted poster offering a $5000 reward for his capture dead or alive, Ringo Kid just barely avoids getting his head blown off by a young boy with a rifle. Realizing he has missed his shot, the young lad is frightened by the Ringo Kid, but soon realizes that the famous outlaw is not as bad as the wanted posters make him out to be. Asking the young boy why he was after the reward on his head, the Ringo Kid learns that the lad -- named Tommy Roark -- comes from a poor family and his mother is deathly ill and they need the money for medicine. The Ringo Kid rides the boy home and they are shocked to find the Roark ranch on fire. The Ringo Kid rushes in and rescues Tommy's father and mother. After treating their wounds, the Ringo Kid learns that the fire was lit by a man named Baxter. The elder Roark explains to the Ringo Kid that Baxter loaned him money and mortgaged his property after his cattle was rustled and then after he purchased new cattle this herd was stolen as well. When Baxter came to collect his money, Roark refused to leave his home and that was when Baxter, finding the land more valuable than the house built on it, set the home ablaze.

The Ringo Kid then decides to pay Baxter a visit and rides away unaware that his quarry and his gang have been secretly watching. Baxter tells his men that they are going to handle Roark and his family first then the Ringo Kid and collect the reward on his head. However the Ringo Kid is tipped off by his friend Dull Knife who happened upon Baxter and his men and heard the entire plot. The Ringo Kid then comes up with a plan and rides into town to talk to the local cattle buyer. There he learns that Baxter recently sold some cattle that resemble the ones that were stolen from Roark. The Ringo Kid then rides into town and confronts Baxter and his men in the local saloon and allows himself to be captured. He is quickly brought to trial and locked up with Baxter collecting the $5000 reward on the Kid's head.

However, the Ringo Kid is not locked up for long as Dull Knife arrives outside his cell and cuts through the bars and helps the Kid escape. They then return to the saloon to confront Baxter and his men again. The Ringo Kid and Dull Knife easily disarm Baxter and his men and steal the reward money just as the sheriff arrives with evidence given to him by Dull Knife proving that Baxter stole, rebranded and sold cattle stole from Pete Roark. The Ringo Kid then returns to the Roark ranch and turns over the stolen reward money, telling the family they earned it before parting company.[1]

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