Cattle rustler Faro Kirk and his gang attack a cattle man named Bogart who has purchased cattle without his knowledge. Faro demands to know who sold him the cattle and for how much. Bogart refuses to tell, but when one of his cow-hands offers, Faro shoot Bogart dead. The ranch hands tell him that the cattle were purchased from Pete Townsend of the Eagle Rock Spread. However, Faro does not spare their lives like he said he would and slaughters them all.

Faro then storms in on the Townsend family and demands Pete to turn over the 50 thousand dollars he made from the cattle sale. When Pete refuses, Faro has his men light the entire ranch on fire and force the Townsend family to stay in their burning house until they either burn alive or surrender the money. With no other choice, Pete turns over the money in order to save the life of his wife and son. However, when Pete hands over the money, he is shot dead. Faro and his men are then driven off by Kid Colt, an old friend of Pete's, who arrives with his guns blazing. He learns what happened and vows to his dying friend that he will take the money to the bank and deposit it for his wife and son.

When Kid Colt rides into town, he forces his way into the bank and demands that they make a deposit for Pete's widow and draw him up a receipt. As fate would have it, Faro Kirk and his men ride into town intending to rob the bank. When they go in to do the deed, Kid Colt gets the drop on them and guns the entire gang down. In the aftermath he then rides back to the Townsend homestead and turns over the bank deposit.[1]

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