The 12-year-old mutant named Peter grew up under a widower father who grew increasingly abusive and bitter over the years. One night, while suffering a beating, Peter's mutant power activated, killing his father and destroying his house, but sparing Peter and his three younger siblings.

The X-Men came to investigate. Upon ascertaining that Peters mutant powers harmed him and that he had no control over them, new recruit Northstar volunteered to fly Peter back to the Xavier Institute. As the two discuss life and their mutations in the air, Peter explodes several more times, severely injuring him. Northstar volunteers to take him to a hospital, but Peter refuses, knowing he would just hurt people if he blew up there. Content to die in the company of his new friend, Peter passed away in one last explosion.


Peter could release powerful explosions from his body.


Peter had no control over his powers, nor was he immune to them.

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