Peter Antone was a member of Hydra's high command, as well as the American ambassador to Chernaya. He attended the funeral of a fellow former Hydra agent named David, where he encountered Hawkeye. Believing Hawkeye to be behind David's death and to have been targeted, Antone tried to have his bodyguards escort him out. Peter managed to escape in the middle of the confusion.

Antone then traveled to the Embassy of the United States of America in Dovbrotel in the wake of numerous student protests, and started destroying several different files in case he had actually been targeted. He was followed by Hawkeye, who broke into Antone's office after an explosion occurred outside the embassy. Hoping to confront Antone's would-be killer, Barton instead came face to face with the Winter Soldier, who had also been investigating the murder of former Hydra officers.

While Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier were clearing up their misunderstanding, Antone reached for a drawer where he had a gun. The Black Widow had rigged the drawer with plastic explosives which detonated, killing Antone.[1]

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