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Peter Boyer was raised by two parents who did not approve of his being gay. This left him with a deep self-loathing.[citation needed]

He became the science officer on the Icarus One lunar mission. On this mission, he was mutated by a device he and his crew mates brought back. He gained superhuman energy powers. After he and his crew mates escaped custody and played a brief game of cat-and-mouse with Homeland Security troops, they were recruited into Nick Fury's SHIELD organization.[citation needed]

Boyer later went to the Middle East to fight a group of superhuman terrorists, but like his teammates lost his powers through unknown circumstances. As a result of this, Boyer fell and impale himself on a broken rebar and was escorted away for medical attention.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Electrokinesis: Boyer's body can produce incredible quantities of electricity.

  • Energy Projection: Peter, with a conscious act of will, can channel his electric energy into powerful blasts.[1]
  • Flight[1]


Peter Boyer is gay.

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