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Peter Cuneo

Peter Cuneo

Real Name
F. Peter Cuneo
Peter Cuneo


President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Vice Chairman, Special Advisor to the C.E.O.


Date of Birth

Personal History

F. Peter Cuneo was appointed as Marvel Enterprises, Inc.'s President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as a Director of the company, on July 20, 2000, after the firing of his predecessor Eric Ellenbogen, also serving for a brief period of time, until May 28, 2002, as Chief Financial Officer.

Retiring himself on December 31, 2002 as President and Chief Executive Officer, he continued to serve as a Special Advisor to the C.E.O. Allen Lipson, appointed President and Chief Executive Officer on January 01, 2003, until Lipson's replacement on December 31, 2004. Mr. Cuneo also became Marvel Enterprises' Vice Chairman of the Board in June 2003, serving both as Director and Vice Chairman until December 31, 2009, when the Board was dissolved following the acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. by The Walt Disney Company.

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