Peter G. Higorovitch was once a general of the Russian cossacks loyal to the Czar of Russia. However, when the people of Russia removed the Czar from power, Peter grew to hate the new regime and joined the Holy Ring, an organization bent on the dissolution of democracy, undermining Russia, and the restoration of the old class system.

He relocated to the United States where he took on leadership of an arm of the Holy Arm located near Camp Lehigh. By the fall of 1942, he had set up a front as the owner of a bowling alley named Gigo. His bowling alley was rigged with various traps that he sprung on the soldiers that went there to play games during their off time, hoping to undermine American military efforts by seriously injuring or killing soldiers. This plot was exposed by Captain America and Bucky who both learned of the Holy Ring's operations and bested Gigo in battle. He was turned over to the authorities upon his defeat,[1] his fate following World War II is unknown.


Gigo carried throwing knives. His bowling alley was rigged with bowling pins that fired bullets when struck with bowling balls, as well as bowling balls that damaged fingers.

It is interesting to note that Gigo states that he hated the Russian people for forming a democracy and ousting the Czars from power. This is not historically accurate, as during World War II, Russia was a Communist nation following the Russian Civil War of the early 20th Century. This is likely topical mistake on the writer's part.

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