Peter Maximoff was a mutant who met Wolverine at one point prior to traveling back in time to his body in 1973. After Logan told Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy about him, they hired his counterpart in their universe to break Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto out of his prison beneath the Pentagon.[1]

In the year 1977, Peter Maximoff broke 8 world records in track and field events, sparking review of mutant participation in athletics. Athletics officials adopted a genetic testing policy in partnership with Trask Industries in which no athletes carrying the mutant X-gene can compete in professional sporting events. This occurred following the investigation of Peter Maximoff.[2]


Superhuman Speed: Peter's body operates at extreme high speed. His running speed is considerably faster than the projectile velocity of a bullet fired from a 9mm pistol. Because he moves faster than the human eye can normally register, he often gives others the impression that he can teleport. Aside from being fast enough to casually shift the trajectory of bullets in flight with the touch of a finger, he has also demonstrated the ability to shatter a thick sheet of glass by vibrating his hands at its simple harmonic frequency.[1]

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