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Quote1.png Something else Ben used to say..."With great powers comes great responsibility." I learned the truth of that one the hard way...right here. An accident at the science hall gave me my powers--but in that old warehouse, I truly learned what it means to be Spider-Man. And now it's gone. But Jonah was right, it won't be forgotten. I can never forget. This site will always be a reminder of my great responsibilites. I'm trying, Uncle Ben...and I'll always keep trying. That's my promise. Quote2.png
Peter Parker

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Celebrating 50 Years of the Great Responsibility of his Great powers, The Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Series collects the Webbed Wonder’s greatest heretofore secret history! Spanning from his earliest days as a hero to the heyday of the heralded Big Time era and everything in between, a collection of Marvel Legends, venerated comic creators and awe-inspiring artists shine the spotlight on everything that makes Spider-Man the World’s Greatest Superhero!


It seems that the numbering of this issue combines both 98 issues of Spider-Man Vol 1 and 57 issues of Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol 1, which would mean that this issue possibly should have been numbered 155.1. It also includes the #-1 issue from Vol 1.

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