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Appearing in "And Men Shall Call Him... Octopus!"

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  • The Octosphere

Synopsis for "And Men Shall Call Him... Octopus!"

Story continued from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #13...

Spider-Man is on his way to the scene of his last battle against Dr. Octopus when he stops briefly to stop a collapsing wall. Returning to the construction site where the battle took place, Spider-Man finds what he came looking for: One of Octopus's arms which broke off in the fight. He takes it with him in hopes of learning a way of tracking Octavius. Meanwhile, Dr. Octopus is having his men repair the damage done to his chest harness, he vows to get revenge against Spider-Man.

The next day, Peter takes the mechanical arm with him to ESU, where he has to shake off Marcy Kane who has come to apologize for her behavior towards him during the Swarm's attack at the school. Alone in the lab, Peter finds that Octopus's arm still has a mind of its own. Unable to contain it, Peter tags it with a spider-tracer hoping to track it later, figuring it'll lead him right to Dr. Octopus.

Following the signal to the east river, Spider-Man stumbles upon Dr. Octopus's plot to try and capture a specialized military sub. In spite of opposition from the military and coast guard, Spider-Man manages to get aboard the sub and battles Dr. Octopus aboard. During the battle, the sub is damaged enough to start taking water. Spider-Man manages to get away, however, when Dr. Octopus tries to escape, one of his arms gets caught on a closing escape hatch and he is pulled down with the sub and seemingly perishes.


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