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Synopsis for "Vengeance is Mine -- Sayeth the Sword!"

While about to break up a Maggia theft operation, Spider-Man is beaten to the punch by a masked man named the Rapier. Spider-Man joins in and helps the Rapier, who has been making press for his heroic deeds against organized crime. Although thankful for Spider-Man's help, the Rapier blows off Spidey, leaving the wall-crawler to wonder about the Rapier as he returns to his home and calls his Aunt May.

The next day, Peter returns to the stockyards with Ned Leeds to report on the situation. This brings the attention of the Maggia, who later appears at the Daily Bugle with their leader Silvermane to pressure the Bugle to give up any and all pictures and stories relating to the attempted robbery from the night before. When they leave Jameson's office, they take Peter's camera, Peter tags them with a spider-tracer to follow them later.

Following them back to Silvermane's headquarters as Spider-Man, Peter easily makes short work of Silvermane's thugs and warns Silvermane about threatening anyone at the Bugle again before retrieving his camera and leaving. As the Rapier prepares to confront Silvermane, Peter Parker returns to the Bugle and learns that Joe Robertson had been attacked by thugs. Blaming Silvermane, he goes after him as Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Silvermane is confronted in the Cloisters by the Rapier, who reveals that he is Dominic Tyrone, a former employee of Silvermanes empire who was attempted to be eliminated following the end of his usefulness. He was found by his future lover Clarissa, who's surgeon father saved him from a living the life of a cripple. During their fight, Rapier gains the upper hand but before he can kill Silvermane, Spider-Man intervenes.

Spider-Man fights the Rapier, not willing to allow him to murder to get his revenge. When Clarissa shows up to help out if the Rapier got into trouble, she learns that he cares nothing for her and is completely consumed by his desire for revenge. The reviving Silvermane shoots Rapier in the back, who manages to stumble away in spite of his injuries. Spider-Man then waits for the police and paramedics to arrive to take Silvermane away.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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