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Synopsis for "Dark Side of the Moon"

When the Man-Wolf appears in front of ESU and goes on a rampage, Daily Bugle photographer Lance Bannon is there to take pictures. Spying the situation while conducting an experiment in reductive genetics with Curt Connors, Peter Parker leaves to battle the Man-Wolf as Spider-Man. Man-Wolf manages to escape and flees to Kristie Saunders apartment, where the creature reverts back to John Jameson.

The next day, when Bannon brings the pictures to J. Jonah Jameson's office, Jameson throws Bannon out of his office when he realizes what Bannon has taken pictures of. Later Spider-Man drops in on John at Kristie's home and J. Jonah Jameson arrives shortly afterwards. After some harsh words for Spider-Man, they all agree to get John help from Curt Connors to try and find a way to cure him of changing into the Man-Wolf, as well as cure him of the Moon-Stones poisonous effects.

With Spider-Man around to fight off the Man-Wolf during points when John transforms int other creature, and also trying to keep the highly emotional J. Jonah Jameson and Kristie Saunders safe from putting themselves in undue danger from trying to get through to John when he's in his Man-Wolf form, Connors eventually comes up with a cure.

Using his regenerative genetics device, the procedure succeeds, but not before the Man-Wolf entity fights the cure and John goes through unstable transformations until he is ultimately cured. With John finally free of the curse of the Man-Wolf, Spider-Man leaves the two Jamesons and Kristie Saunders to rejoice, telling Connors that his findings should probably be published in a science fiction book rather than a science journal.

Appearing in "Aunt May's Photo Album!"

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Synopsis for "Aunt May's Photo Album!"

Pictures from Aunt May's photo album. It features pictures of May Parker in her prime; her wedding photo with Ben Parker; Early childhood photos of Peter Parker; Pictures of Peter's various girlfriends and friends; and special moments like the marriage of Ned Leeds and Betty Brant etc.

Appearing in "The Office!"

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Synopsis for "The Office!"

A schematic of Peter Parker's office at Empire State University.

Appearing in "Peter's Pals and Gals"

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Synopsis for "Peter's Pals and Gals"

A brief story that features a day in the life of the ESU teacher's assistants that work with Peter Parker, and how Peter is the butt of Steve Hopkins latest practical joke.

Appearing in "A Gallery of Spider-Man's Greatest Foes!"


Synopsis for "A Gallery of Spider-Man's Greatest Foes!"

Profiles on the following Spider-Man villains: Morbius, Gibbon, Jonas Harrow, and Hammerhead.


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