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Appearing in "Twice Stings the Tarantula!"

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Synopsis for "Twice Stings the Tarantula!"

Spider-Man is on the campus of Empire State University to snap photos of Vice-Chancellor Edward Lansky who is making a hard line against proposed budget cuts to the education system from the mayor's office. Although he is bored out of his mind, Spider-Man believes that Lansky is a straight up guy. Suddenly, the international terrorist known as the Tarantula leaps into the middle of the press conference. Spider-Man leaps into action to prevent the kidnapping of Lansky. However, on his way to the ground, he can't help but notice that Mary Jane Watson is with Flash Thompson, hurt that the pair has been seeing each other lately. While Spider-Man is busy fighting the Tarantula, his minions make off with Lansky. Seeing this, Flash Thompson tries to stop them, only to be easily knocked aside by the masked kidnappers. Spider-Man fails to stop the Tarantula and his goons manage to escape. Stunned by his foe's final blows, Spider-Man has to make a hasty retreat when the students and faculty accuse him of being in league with the Tarantula. Going up to the rooftops, Spider-Man goes to recover his camera only to discover that the webbing holding it in place snapped, wrecking the camera and destroying the photos he took. Angered over his constant bad luck, the wall-crawler punches the side of the building, hurting his hand.

Returning home, Peter changes back into his civilian guise before he returns to his apartment. As he crosses the hall he is greeted by his neighbor Glory Grant, who sees his injured knuckles and offers to patch him up. He learns that Glory's modeling career isn't going so well and she has decided to go look for a regular job. As they leave, they bump into Mary Jane, who invites herself along with them to City Hall to job hunt. When they arrive, Peter spots the same limo that was used by the Tarantula to capture Lansky. With an excuse about needing to visit his Aunt May in the hospital, Peter leaves his companions and slips into a washroom to change into Spider-Man.

Outside, the Tarantula's employer orders him and his minions to eliminate the mayor. When they attempt to use the mayor's private elevator they are attacked by Spider-Man. While the Wall-Crawler is busy with the Tarantula's minions, the villain makes his way up to the mayor's office. Before the Tarantula can eliminate the mayor, Spider-Man leaps in to stop him. Their fight sends Spider-Man, the Tarantula, and the mayor crashing out of a window to the streets below. Spider-Man forces the Tarantula away, so he can rescue the mayor. Although he has failed to stop Spider-Man, the Tarantula vows to get revenge. When the mayor asks if the Tarantula will return, Spider-Man promises that he will be there if he does and leaves to catch up with Glory and Mary Jane.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Spider-Man is upset to see Mary Jane out with Flash Thompson. Mary Jane has been cross with Peter for constantly running out on their dates, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #161. She has been attempting to make Peter jealous by dating Flash Thompson, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #162.
  • Flash Thompson recognizes the Tarantula from the time he attempted to take a dayliner hostage back in Amazing Spider-Man #134.
  • Peter Parker recalls a surprise party thrown for him by Glory and his friends that happened in Amazing Spider-Man #163.

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