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Synopsis for "Tiger In a Web!"

With the White Tiger interrogation of Professor Vasques is interrupted by the arrival of Spider-Man the two get into a fight. Their battle brings them outside of the ESU campus where students and security are boiling to the clashing point over the theft of the Erskine manuscripts.

Meanwhile, Blackbyrd has tracked the crooks who tried to steal the manuscript earlier, and learn that they are agents of Black Hand, which Blackbyrd single handily defeats them and rounds them up. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and White Tiger battle each other until he realizes that something isn't right about the idea of White Tiger stealing the book.

The two stop fighting and make a truce when it's revealed that Vasquez stole the book disguised as White Tiger, when the Black Hand soldiers came to take the book as well. Admitting his wrong and turning the book back over to the president of ESU, while Blackbyrd arrives with the Black Hand soldiers in tow. Realizing the errors of his way, the president of ESU agrees to work with the students to find a way to keep the night school sessions open.


Continuity Notes

  • The Erskine Manuscripts were written by Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Super Soldier Serum that birthed Captain America, as depicted in Captain America Comics #1.

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