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Quote1.png I knew I should have spelled out my whole name instead of just the first initial. Now every cheaphood's going to think I'm the "W". Quote2.png
-- Wasp

Appearing in "No Fury"

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  • Previous Appearance of Vince Granetti Vince Granetti (Last appearance)

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Synopsis for "No Fury"

A drug smuggler named Vince Granetti threating the shareholders of the Northeastern Shipping Company, Spider-Man finds himself pacing around Avengers mansion waiting for the return of the Wasp, one of the shareholders. His pacing upsets the Avengers butler, Edwin Jarvis, but the wall-crawler explains the situation and his exasperation over Janet van Dyne being more concerned with her hair appointment than stopping Granetti. Also present is Starfox, and when Spider-Man asks if either of them are listening, Janet finally returns home. Spider-Man is even more upset to learn that the Wasp went shopping instead of helping him organize around the clock protection for the NSC shareholders. When Spider-Man begins to lose his temper, it makes Starfox begin to laugh. Janet assures the wall-crawler that she already has a plan in motion and invites him into the Avenger's computer room. She pulls up the Avengers records on Granetti, having come to the conclusion that the only way to stop Granetti is to catch him in the act of smuggling drugs. She pulls up records of Granetti's shipping company and suspects that one of the shipments might have illegal drugs in them.

Meanwhile, at Granetti's mansion, Vince mocks Paladin for flubbing his job on Janet van Dyne. Although there are heated words exchanged between Paladin and his employer, the mercenary is assigned to guard one of his barges of merchandise. Later that evening, Spider-Man comes upon a couple named Dirk and Daphnie near the docks and tells them to get to safety. He then ambushes the dock shipment being unloaded by Granetti's men. Although Spider-Man easily takes out the gun toting thugs, he is ambushed by Paladin and their struggle sends them into the water. When they reach the surface they hear cries for help. Back on the docks, they discover that Dirk had been hit by a stray bullet. Putting their differences aside, both Spider-Man and Paladin agree to help him. While Spider-Man swings Dirk to the nearest hospital, Paladin carries Daphnie off to join them.

At that moment at a private hangar at JFK airport, the Wasp interrupts a shipment of what appears to be teddy bears. The gunmen are chased off, but when she checks the merchandise she discovers that the teddy bears are only filled with sugar. While at the hospital, Spider-Man and Paladin learn that Dirk is going to be okay. Spider-Man just realizes that he missed meeting up with the Wasp at JFK. However, the Paladin assures the wall-crawler that Janet could handle herself. When Spider-Man leaves to stop the next shipment, Paladin -- having second thoughts about his current employer -- tags along with him. Later, a train carrying illegal drugs is racing down the track with Granetti's men on board. Suddenly, an Avenger's Quinjet is blocking the tracks. When the man in charge orders it rammed off the track, the Quinjet suddenly fires its lasers, destroying the train's engine. Thinking the Wasp is inside, the gunmen begin opening fire. However, the Wasp is actually under the train, unhooking the freight cars from the train. However, another engine is on the opposite end of the shipment and it begins pulling away.

That's when Spider-Man and Paladin arrive and take out the gunmen. Seeing the other train pulling the cargo away, Spider-Man tries to hold the train back, only to yank the freight cars off the track (unaware that the Wasp had severed the last bolt which in her own words "would yank the boxcar off the trucks if the train moved"). The Wasp thanks Spider-Man for his help, but they are interrupted by Vince Garnetti who manages to get the drop on them. Before he can shoot the two heroes, he is knocked out from behind by Paladin. With the evidence they need, the Wasp warns Garnetti to stay away from her investors and leaves Spider-Man to wait for the cops to show up and take Vince away. A few days later, Janet van Dyne sits among her investors explaining how business has turned around since Vince Garnetti is taken away, gaining the respect of the others. Listening to this from outside the office window, Spider-Man overhears the Wasp conclude the meeting to get her hair done and thinks she's a ditz. As he swings away, Spider-Man wonders what Mary Jane is up to that evening.

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