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I cannot. Nor can I tell you why I took it, save that my need is desperate.
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Her hair--hitting me like a battering ram! Ow!
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Synopsis for "A Life Too Far"

When a young man pushed Peter Parker and Mary Jane out of the way of a chemical truck, the boy is injured. Rushed to the hospital by Spider-Man, Peter learns that the boy will survive his injuries caused by the accident, however if he does not get an antidote to the chemical that he was exposed to (which is located in Brooklyn) the boy will die.

Hoping to repay the young man for his sacrifice, Peter tries to get the antidote before it's too late, and goes after it as Spider-Man. However, when he tracks down it's location, he's found that it has been stolen by Medusa of the Inhumans which leads to a battle between Medusa and Spider-Man. Spider-Man traces her back to Coney Island where he sees that the Inhumans are there with a gravely ill Kree.

After a brief battle, the reason why Spider-Man needs the antidote is explained, after Black Bolt gives some of it to the Kree, he flies to the hospital where it is administered to the boy in the nick of time. Later, Spider-Man learns that the Inhumans and the Kree were trying to disarm a weapon that threatened the world. When Gorgon loses his temper over the validity of saving one life when the entire world was at stake, Spider-Man asks Gorgon if their attitude towards the life of one person is worth being considered Inhuman in deed as well as by name.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man likens the beating he gets from Medusa to the recent one he got from the Super-Skrull. That happened in Marvel Team-Up #6162.

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