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Appearing in "...The Coming of Razorback!"

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  • Razorback's Truck, the "Big Pig"

Synopsis for "...The Coming of Razorback!"

Before Spider-Man can recover from an attack from Brother Power and Sister Sun, he finds himself attacked by a man called Razorback. However, after a brief battle, Spider-Man is told by Razorback, that he is actually a would super-hero from the south, who has come up to New York to learn how to be a real super-hero and he just assumed that it was standard practice that upon first meetings super-heroes had to fight each other. The two then go to check on Flash and find that Brother Sun and Sister Sun have escaped. Razorback offers his aid and gets his truck the Big Pig so that they can go after them.

Meanwhile, Brother Power and Sister Sun meet with the mastermind behind the Legion of Light movement, the Hate-Monger, who punishes Brother Power for his insubordination. Spider-Man, Razorback, and Flash track down the headquarters of the Legion. There, they try to free Sha Shan but are easily incapacitated by the followers of the Hate-Monger. The three would-be rescuers are then chained up in a dungeon with a bomb ready to blow, as the Hate-Monger boasts how he will use a televised rally to spread his message of hate to all who watch.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Spider-Man thinks the Hate-Monger is the original who died facing the Fantastic Four. That happened in Fantastic Four #21. However, Spider-Man is unaware that this was merely a clone of Adolf Hitler, whose mind would be transferred to a new body upon death (as explained in Super-Villain Team-Up #17) and had been active since. However, this is not the original Hate-Monger, but an impostor, as revealed next issue.

Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the continuity of the following characters:

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