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  • The "Big Pig"

Synopsis for "Killing Me Softly...With His Hate!"

Prisoners of the Hate-Monger, Spider-Man, Razorback, and Flash Thompson are left in a dungeon with a bomb, as the Hate-Monger plots to use a televised event put on by the Legion of Light to spread his message of hate to all the television viewers. The heroes manage to get free when Razorback summons his truck to smash through the wall and free him.

Going after the crooks, Spider-Man gets them a way in by secretly using his press credentials as Peter Parker to get inside the stadium where the event is taking place, and letting Flash and Razorback in as Spider-Man. As Flash tries to stop the performance and find Razorback's sister, Spider-Man and Razorback try to stop the Hate Monger directly. However, the Hate Monger's ability to make the two heroes attack each other slows down this process. Realizing that they need his help, Flash attacks the Hate-Monger, but only is able to remove his hood, revealing him to be the Man-Beast.


Continuity Notes

  • Flash recollects when he "took on" Doctor Doom for Spider-Man. That's a rather biased view of the events that took place in Amazing Spider-Man #5.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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