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Synopsis for "The Final Rage!"

As the Man-Beast fights off Spider-Man, Razorback, and Flash Thompson, he explains how he cheated death and arrived on Earth and started the Legion of Light. Meanwhile, Brother Power is twisting those who have been watching the event. When the Man-Beast has incapacitated the heroes, he then plugs himself in a hate amplifier that causes everyone in the stadium to become violent.

When Sister Sun tries to convince people not to use violence, she is attacked by Brother Power, when Man-Beast removes the limitations of their powers. As Spider-Man and the others free themselves, Flash and Razorback try to quell the violence and save Sister Sun, Spider-Man goes after Man-Beast.

Overpowered by the creature, Spider-Man distracts him long enough for Razorback's sister Bobby-Sue to deactivate his hate device. Spider-Man then is able to knock the Man-Beast into his device causing an explosion which seemingly destroys him, the explosion also seemingly kills Brother Sun as well. In the aftermath, Bobby-Sue decides to stay with the Legion, and the heroes part company, Flash with Sha Shan in his arms.


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