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Synopsis for "Kraven Is the Hunter"

Following his battle with the Kingpin, Spider-Man hitches a ride aboard a tugboat to get back to the mainland. Once in Brooklyn, the wall-crawler returns to the lab of Doctor Curtis Connors to inform him that the device used to restore his stolen life force from Richard Fisk had worked. Connor's is happy to hear it but suddenly feels dizzy. He sends Spider-Man away so he can get some rest. Meanwhile, in Gramercy Park, a limo pulls up to a mansion. There, a man in a hat and long coat emerges from the passenger seats with two leashed tigers. Entering the building, this man is attacked by the Tarantula. Doffing his disguise, Kraven the Hunter defends himself from his surprise attacker. The battle is soon stopped by the Tarantula's employer, who has brought in Kraven to help with his next plan. After the kidnapping of Edward Lansky and a failed attempt on the life of the mayor, this mystery man wants the two super-villains to kidnap Richard Gorman, the School Counselor at New York University.

Later, Spider-Man swings to the apartment where his Aunt May lives with Anna Watson. Changing back into Peter Parker, he goes down and joins his Aunt for dinner. After the meal, Anna Watson returns home from grocery shopping and asks what has happened between Peter and Mary Jane. Peter tells Anna to ask her niece as he doesn't know and leaves. While on the campus of New York University, the Tarantula and Kraven make short work of the security put in place to protect Gorman. Using the air conditioner to distract those inside, the pair easily captures Richard Gorman and evade the arriving guards.

At that moment, Peter Parker is assisting Glory Grant with her job hunt by bringing her to the Daily Bugle. There, he introduces her to city editor Joe Robertson and asks if J. Jonah Jameson is still looking for a new secretary. Suddenly, the most recent hire goes storming out of Jameson's office in tears after one of the tyrannical publisher's tirades. Although Glory is apprehensive at first, within a matter of minutes she has managed to tame Jameson, and he hires her on the spot, much to the surprise of Peter and Joe. Not long after, Peter happens upon a news story about the kidnapping of Richard Gorman and heads to the scene of the crime to investigate. There he is attacked by Kraven the Hunter and his tigers. While the two battle, the Tarantula returns to his employer with Gorman as a prisoner. With his job done, the Tarantula is paid for his work and sent on his way. However, this is a trick on the part of his lawyer as the money is rigged with a knock out gas. The man who employed the Tarantula has decided that he knows too much and must be eliminated.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Kraven's battle have taken them atop a movie theater marquee. There, Kraven pins Spider-Man and attempts to stab him with his hunting knife. Spider-Man struggles with all of his strength to keep the knife from striking. He manages to divert Karven's aim, making the villain strike one of the marquee light bulbs. Karven is suddenly jolted with thousands of volts of electricity, knocking him out and sending him crashing to the sidewalk below. With the battle over, an exhausted wall-crawler goes to call an ambulance for his foe and intends to go straight home for a much-needed rest.


Continuity Notes

  • The identity of them an who has employed Kraven and Tarantula is revealed next issue.
  • Anna Watson asks what's going on between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Mary Jane has been cross with Peter for constantly running out on their dates, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #161. She has been attempting to make Peter jealous by dating Flash Thompson, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #162.
  • J. Jonah Jameson has been looking for a replacement secretary since Betty Brant and Ned Leeds got married in Amazing Spider-Man #156.

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