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Synopsis for "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?"

As the police try to find out who employed the Enforcers to hold patrons of the Coffee Bean hostage to draw out Spider-Man, Spider-Man himself listens in to learn what he can about the situation as well, however it gets nowhere.

Meanwhile, Lightmaster -- the employer in question -- reviews the news coverage of the Enforcers defeat and incorrectly deduces that Hector Ayala is Spider-Man and decides to go out and capture him. This happens in front of Peter Parker, and Holly Gillis on the ESU campus, and regardless of Peter's efforts to prevent it, Lightmaster captures Hector and escapes. As Flash takes Holly to Sha's place, Holly gives Peter, Hector's amulets. Peter recognizes what these amulets are, and deduces that Hector is the White Tiger.

As Spider-Man, Peter tracks down Hector, Lightmaster sets up TV cameras where he "exposes" Hector as Spider-Man to everyone watching and is about to destroy him when Spider-Man arrives and secretly gives Hector his amulets. Hector changes into White Tiger, revealing his identity to the viewing public, causing Holly to hate him. With the help of Spider-Man, he battles Lightmaster. During the fight, Lightmaster overtaxes the power supply and causes a blackout, which is what has been keeping his energy form cohesive, without power to keep him sustained, Lightmaster passes out and dissolves, seemingly destroyed.


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