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Synopsis for "By the Light of the Silvery Moon Knight!"

Moon Knight, on the heels of a criminal named Lindy, tries to prevent his assassination so that he can testify against the Maggia during a trial. In spite of his best efforts, the Maggia agents manage to kill their target. Meanwhile, Peter Parker arrives home after web-slinging and gets ready just as Betty Brant arrives for their date. Elsewhere, Flash spends time with Sha Shan and Hector Ayala laments his lot in life being the White Tiger.

Later that night, as Moon Knight (in his Jack Lockley identity) and Frenchie look for clues to help them bust the Maggia, Spider-Man web-slings across town. His spider-sense alerts him to several gunmen within Gena Lander's diner who are looking for Lockley. Spider-Man interferes and saves Gina and Crawley from being killed by the gunmen, however, one of them manages to flee.

When Spider-Man catches up with the hood, he finds that Moon Knight has found him first and is roughing him up. Confusing Moon Knight as a villain trying to kill the man, the two get into a brief battle long enough for the crook to call in support from the Maggia, who sends in their super-powered agent Cyclone to deal with the two costumed heroes.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recounts how, earlier in the day, he and Iron Man battled Whiplash. That happened in Marvel Team-Up #72.
  • Peter recounts how Betty left her husband Ned Leeds, and how Mary Jane turned down his recent marriage proposal. Both of these events occurred in Amazing Spider-Man #183.
  • Frenchie makes reference to the Moon Knight's last case against the Conquerlord. That happened in Marvel Premiere #2829.
  • The White Tiger says "¿Por qúe?" This is a typo; in Spanish, the accent should be in the last letter: "¿Por qué?"

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