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Synopsis for "Guess Who's Buried In Grant's Tomb!"

Battling the Cyclone, Spider-Man and Moon Knight are unable to stop the Cyclone to kill their only lead to the Maggia crime organization. After Cyclone gets away, Moon Knight finds a brochure in the young man's pocket for Grants Tomb. He then asks Spider-Man for his help in trying to capture the Maggia's leader, a task which Spider-Man agrees to help with.

Meanwhile, Hector Ayala gets into an argument with his sister, Holly Gillis tries to get a hold of Hector, and speaking of telephone tag, Mary Jane tries to call Peter Parker, and Betty Brant tries to call her husband Ned in Paris, all to no avail.

Meanwhile, Moon Knight takes Spider-Man to his headquarters, the mansion he occupied in his identity of Steven Grant. There he shows Spider-Man all he knows about the Maggia organization, and the two plan to crash the revealing of their leader at Grants tomb. That night they drop in on the Maggia members just as their leader is about to emerge from Grant's Tomb, however, due to Spider-Man and Moon Knights interference, the leader (secretly the Masked Marauder) decides to flee the scene instead of revealing himself.

While Spider-Man and Moon Knight fail to capture the leader of the Maggia, they manage to capture all who are present there including Cyclone.


Continuity Notes

  • Moon Knight recounts his brief time with the Defenders, that happened in Defenders #47-51.
  • Spider-Man and Moon Knight go over the hierarchy of organized crime.
    • The screen states that Hydra is defunct. This is not entirely accurate as they were still active and last seen in operation in Marvel Two-In-One #29-32.
    • The organization known as THEM is listed with a question mark. THEM was a central committee within Hydra that organized its branches: Advanced Idea Mechanics, and the Secret Empire. As seen in Strange Tales #149. THEM became defunct when both AIM and the Secret Empire broke off on their own. This was clarified in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #5.
    • Spider-Man notes that the Kingpin is dead and Silvermane is in the hospital. The Kingpin seemingly perished in Amazing Spider-Man #180. However, he survived as revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #195-197. Silvermane has been in the hospital since he was seriously injured battling the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #180.

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