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Synopsis for "Spider-Man Night Fever"

Taking the subway home, Peter Parker is witness to an attempted robbery, which he uses his spider-powers to halt. Rushing home to try and get some studying done, Peter is surprised to find his friends waiting in surprise. They all convince Peter to go out with them to a local disco to see the Hypno-Hustler, a popular disco act.

The Hypno-Hustler turns out to be a criminal, who uses hypnotic gear to mesmerize the management of the clubs that he plays and clean out their payrolls, as well as use hypnosis through his music and his backup singers to mesmerize the audience and rob them as well.

When Peter realizes what's going on, he manages to cover his ears and be unaffected by the music and is able to slip under a table and change into Spider-Man. After a brief battle against the Hypno-Huster, Spider-Man realizes that the Hustler's headphones block out the effects of his music. Taking them off, the Hustler becomes a victim of his own hypnotic music, and the Hustler and his band are easily defeated. Once everything is wrapped up, Peter changes back into his civvies just as people are snapping out of the Hustler's hypnotic control.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter recounts how he didn't graduate as he planned as he was one credit short. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #185.
  • Maimie Muggins asks Peter how his Aunt May is doing. Aunt May has been recovering from a heart attack she suffered in Amazing Spider-Man #176.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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