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Synopsis for "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory"

Spider-Man has been blinded by the Masked Marauder who is robbing the Citibank Center of its financial resources. Spider-Man tries to stop the Maggia leader and his Tri-Man robot, however his lack of sight hampers him and the criminals manage to get away. Spider-Man tries to follow after them but they manage to escape. Spider-Man cannot stop them due to the fact that he has been struck blind. When the police arrive on the scenes, they try to arrest the wall-crawler, but he barely manages to escape due to his newly acquired disability.

As Spider-Man tries to travel through the city, Betty Brant and Mary Jane both go to check up on Peter, and have a jealousy exchange, unaware that Carrion is in Peter's apartment. While at that moment, Spider-Man worries how he is going to find his way home, and wonders if he will be blind permanently. Meanwhile, Daredevil hears reports implicating Spider-Man for the robbery of the Citibank building and goes to find his sometime ally. At that moment at the Ayala home, Hector returns after a night on patrol as the White Tiger, only to be scolded by his sister for going out on patrol instead of studying. Later that morning, at the campus of Empire State University. There Sha Shan asks Holly Gillis about her romance with Hector Ayala. Holly explains that she has put their relationship on ice while she sorts out her feelings over his being the White Tiger. They are then met by Flash Thompson, who is joining the pair for lunch. They also wonder where Peter Parker is, as he has not been seen that day.

Meanwhile, Daredevil finally catches up to Spider-Man, he saves the wall-crawler from a serious fall. When Daredevil tries to question Spider-Man about the Citibank heist, he soon catches onto the fact that Spider-Man is blind.


Continuity Notes

  • The Masked Marauder mentions the first time that Spider-Man interfered with his schemes along with Daredevil in Daredevil #1617. He also refers to his battle with Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night #43.
  • Flash Thompson mentions how Peter needs to make up a gym credit in order to go into grad school. Peter learned this in Amazing Spider-Man #185.

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