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Synopsis for "The Blind Leading the Blind"

Daredevil tries to help Spider-Man cope and be able to get by with his newfound blindness. However, Spider-Man finds the effort useless and laments over his situation. Daredevil comes up with an idea and sets up an appointment with Dr. Orlock, an eye specialist to see Spider-Man and see if there is any way to restore the wall-crawlers vision. Meanwhile, Mary Jane and Betty have a talk about their feelings about Peter, and decide to be friends through the situation. After the two women leave Mrs. Muggins goes back inside and hears a racket from within Peter Parker's apartment. Going inside she finds that someone has trashed the place and written "The Dead Walk Parker" on the wall. As Mrs. Muggins screams in fear, outside Carrion anticipates Peter Parker's return and that he will be waiting for him.

At that moment, Spider-Man and Daredevil arrive at Doctor Orlock's office for the examination. When the visit with the doctor proves inconclusive on if they can cure Spider-Man, this upsets the hero even more because of his concern of the Masked Marauder still being at large. To try and boost Spider-Man's moral, Daredevil offers to help Spider-Man to try and find the Masked Marauder. Using his spider-sense, Spider-Man is able to locate the Marauder thanks to the spider-tracer he was tagged with. The two heroes attack the Masked Marauder and his Maggia goons, however, during the fight the Tri-Man turns back into the Birdroid knocks Spider-Man out of the building they are fighting in, and sending him plummeting to the street below.


Continuity Notes

  • Daredevil recounts his origins as they were originally told in Daredevil #1.
  • Mary Jane mentions how she turned down Peter Parker's marriage proposal, that happened in Amazing Spider-Man #183.


  • This issue marks the first time prolific Daredevil writer/artist Frank Miller worked with the character.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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