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While out on patrol looking for the Tarantula and seeking to rescue Chancellor Gorman, Spider-Man saves an old man from a mugging. Meanwhile, the Tarantula revives after being knocked out by his mysterious employer and is about to escape when he is attacked by said employer, who reveals himself as a new costumed criminal known as Lightmaster. Lightmaster then decides to deal with the situation on his own.

Spider-Man sneaks back into his apartment when he realizes that Flash and Glory are there, and changes back into Peter Parker and pretends he was sleeping in his room. When they go out for a meal, Flash recognizes one of the waitresses as Sha Shan. As he tries to talk to her she flees and the owner tells them to leave his business. Outside Flash parts company, and Peter suddenly leaves Glory by herself to wonder what's wrong with Flash.

Having seen a flash of light at city hall, Peter changes into Spider-Man to check it out. He arrives just in time to see Lightmaster trying to kidnap city controller Goldin. Spider-Man tries to stop the new villain but is bested by his light powers and his eyes are injured as a result.

The next day, Peter checks information on the kidnapping at the Bugle where he realizes who Lightmaster is. Traveling to Edward Lansky's home, Peter realizes the truth: That Lansky is Lightmaster. Their fight takes them across the city, where Spider-Man lures Lightmaster into the Palace Theater. There he tricks Lightmaster into shooting his light beams at the electrical grid of the theater, causing his costume to short out and knock him unconscious.


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  • This along with Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 issues Vol 1 19-Vol 1 21, were reprinted and packaged in cases of Hi-C Fruit Drinks in 1987. These reprints only went under title of Spider-Man instead of Spectacular Spider-Man.

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