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Synopsis for "Secret As the Grave!"

Battling Carrion in the ESU gymnasium, Spider-Man learns what crime he's been accused of by the deranged creature: The deaths of Gwen Stacey and Miles Warren. The two continue their fight, while at the same time the White Tiger is busy fighting off Carrion's henchman, Darter.

During the fight, Spider-Man is knocked into the ESU pool, at that time White Tiger and Darter's fight is taken into the same room and causes a distraction in the fight between Spider-Man and Carrion. Carrion deals with White Tiger, knocking him off a diving board where he falls and passes out. Carrion then knocks Spider-Man out with another dose of his red death dust.

Taking Spider-Man to a secret lab, Carrion takes some of Spidey's genetic material to begin creating a creature based on ancient arachnids as a method of his ultimate destruction of Spider-Man. When Peter revives, Carrion reveals to him that he is a living clone of Miles Warren.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man recounts how Miles Warren cloned Gwen, and died trying to get revenge against Spider-Man. These events were documented from Amazing Spider-Man #147-151.

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