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Synopsis for "Til Death do us Part!"

Peter Parker is at the mercy of Carrion, who is using Peter's DNA to create a spider-amoeba creature as his tool of revenge to destroy Spider-Man once and for all. He reveals that he is a clone of Miles Warren, whose aging process was accelerated due to a problem with his clone incubator. He was discovered by Randy Vale, who agreed to help Carrion get revenge on Parker in exchange for Carrion gifting Vale with Spider-Man's abilities.

When Darter enters the room, he overhears that Carrion never intended to give these powers to Vale, and tries to kill Carrion just as he is sending the spider-amoeba lose. Carrion then turns the creature on Vale, who is instantly killed. Peter uses this as a moment to break free and put his Spider-Man mask back on. Trying to fight off the creature, Spider-Man is assisted by the arrival of White Tiger.

During the fight, White Tiger is knocked into instruments by Carrion which cases a fire, Spider-Man manages to fight off the spider-amoeba, and he and White Tiger flee the growing flames. Spider-Man looks back just in time to see Carrion's creation turning on him, and considers it a fitting end for an abomination that never really lived, before crawling out of the flames.


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