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Synopsis for "Night Of the Iguana!"

Confronted by the Iguana, a monster which has the memories and powers of the Lizard, Spider-Man tries to fight off the creature in order to save Curt Connors. The Iguana uses its power over reptiles to make all the animals in the dark house to break free and attack everyone in around, forcing everyone to flee the Zoo. Spider-Man is able to stop the Iguana by turning on all the lights, forcing the creature to flee. When Spider-Man rounds up all the loose reptiles, Spider-Man arranges to meet Connors that night before leaving and resuming his civilian guise and covering his absence to the suspicious Marcy Kane.

That night, Spider-Man visits Connor and learns that the Iguana was created as a result of his continued experiments with the Enervator device. The device caused Connors to begin changing into the Lizard again, however, a collision with the device (which was trained on the Iguana) transferred this transformation into the creature. The Iguana then used its power of hypnosis in order to control Connors and make him do the Iguana's bidding.

Connors suddenly realizes that the monster may attack his family, prompting Spider-Man to leave and check on them. Wishing to do something about it, Connors uses the Enervator to transform himself into the Lizard once more, the Lizard is determined to go after the Iguana. Spider-Man meanwhile arrives just after the Iguana has appeared to terrorize the Connors family.

Fighting off the Iguana, Spider-Man also has to try and save Mrs. Connor and her son, when the Lizard appears to battle the Iguana for supremacy over the lizard world.


Continuity Notes

  • Peter Parker corrects Marcy Kane, telling her that he works for the Daily Globe, not the Daily Bugle. Peter was fired by J. Jonah Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man #193. Peter will eventually get hired back by the Bugle in Amazing Spider-Man #210.
  • Spider-Man mentions how Curt Connors built the Enervator to help recover life force stolen from the wall-crawler by the Kingpin in Amazing Spider-Man #164, and his later battle with both the Lizard and Stegron, which happened in Amazing Spider-Man #166.

Chronology Notes

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